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Chris Graham City of DeLand

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The City of DeLand Hometown Heroes Military Banner Program was coordinated for DeLand residents to pay tribute to and honor family members that are active or past military service personnel. The City of DeLand would like to pay tribute to their service and commitment to our nation and our community by flying a prestigious banner along Woodland Boulevard in Downtown DeLand as a way to publicly express our gratitude. Any names that are submitted will be considered for City recognition.

There is no cost to apply to the program thanks to presenting sponsor AdventHealth DeLand and AdventHealth Fish Memorial. All honorees selected will be displayed on a banner in Downtown DeLand and a replica keepsake will be made. Please review the City of DeLand Hometown Heroes Military Banner Program Guidelines for further details. Please submit the application to: DeLand Hometown Heroes Military Banner Program, Office of Community Information, Third Floor, City Hall, 120 South Florida Avenue, DeLand, FL 32720 or email the application to Chris Graham at

Honoree Information

Name of Service Person

Is Service Person a resident of the City of DeLand?

Branch(s) of the US Military Service:

Type of Banner you would like to order:

Contact's Name

Contact's Full Address


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Verification of Military Service (i.e. copy of military orders or military ID, DD214 form).

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Proof of DeLand residency for service person or immediate family member (i.e. copy of utility bill or driver's license).

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To qualify for a banner, honorees must meet the following requirements:

  • Active or honorably discharged military personnel of the United States Armed Forces

  • Died in the line of duty as a member of the United States Armed Forces


  • Current DeLand resident;


  • An immediate family member of a DeLand resident. (Immediate family would include a wife or husband, son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, son-in-law or daughter-in-law).

Other Specifics and Requirements

  • Photograph - A 5x7 or larger color photograph must be provided. The photograph should be of the service person in uniform. If none is available, a high resolution photo will suffice. The photograph must be of good quality and will not be returned. Please do not send original photograph.

  • Verification of military service (i.e. copy of military orders or military ID, DD214 form).

  • Proof of DeLand residency for serviceperson or immediate family member (i.e. copy of utility bill or driver’s license).

1. Installation shall be the responsibility of the City.
2. Available spaces are determined on a first-come, first-served basis. All banner locations shall be
determined by the City.
3. Fabrication and design of banners is the sole responsibility of the City. Banner specifications will
be provided by the City.
4. Once produced and installed, banners shall remain the property of the City and will only be used
one time.
5. All banner requests shall be submitted by the approved application along with a picture and
military branch of the officer.
6. Banner installation shall be limited to City poles with approved banner brackets.
7. Pole selection shall be limited to posts that work well for the program; this may limit the
number of veterans that can be honored at one time.
8. The City reserves the right not to install a banner if the requirements of this banner program are
not met.