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Customer Service Survey

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You need only to respond to the questions applicable to your interactions with Community Development team members.

Customer Service Area

Staff was courteous and helpful

Staff provided complete and accurate information

Staff was responsive to your needs

A timely response was provided to your questions

Application forms were explained clearly and were easily completed

Development Regulations

Zoning information and regulations were easy to locate on the website

Regulations were clear and concise

Maps were easy to located on the website and were easily understandable

Staff was able to address all questions and concerns regarding the regulations

Plan Review

Plan review was timely and efficient

Plan review comments were thorough and understandable

Staff was readily available to answer any follow-up plan review questions

Code Enforcement

Complaints were followed up in a timely manner

Explanation of regulations was clear and concise

Overall, I was satisfied with the service I received.

If you feel we fell short in meeting your service expectations, please describe the situation, including name of the staff person involved and the date the service was provided:

As a result of your experience with us, what service-related improvements can you recommend?

Please let us know if you have received exceptional service from our team or a particular team member.

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