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City of DeLand

120 S Florida Ave





Must be city resident or be engaged in business within the Downtown Redevelopment District, i.e., own a business, practice a profession, perform a service for compensation or serve as an officer or director of a corporation or other business entity engaged in business within the Downtown Redevelopment District.


Florida law requires financial disclosure of all “local officers.”  The term “ local officer” is defined to mean:

1.  Every person who is elected to office in any political subdivision of the state, and every person who is appointed to fill a vacancy for an unexpired term in such an elective office. 

2.  Any appointed member of any of the following boards, councils, commissions, authorities, or other bodies of any county, municipality, school district, independent special district, or other political subdivision of the state: 

a.  The governing body of the political subdivision, if appointed; 

b.  An expressway authority or transportation authority established by general law; 

c.  A community college or junior college district board of trustees; 

d.  A board having the power to enforce local code provisions; 

e.  A planning or zoning board, board of adjustment, board of appeals, or other board having the power to recommend, create, or modify land planning or zoning within the political subdivision, except for citizen advisory committees, technical coordinating committees, and such other groups who only have the power to make recommendations to planning or zoning boards; 

f.  A pension board or retirement board having the power to invest pension or retirement funds or the power to make a binding determination of one's entitlement to or amount of a pension or other retirement benefit; or 

g.  Any other appointed member of a local government board who is required to file a statement of financial interests by the appointing authority or the enabling legislation, ordinance, or resolution creating the board. 

Accordingly, members of the City of DeLand Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, Code Enforcement Board, and Retirement Boards are considered to be “local officers” under Florida Statutes Section 112.3145.  Members of these Boards are required to file a Statement of Financial Interests (Form 1) within 30 days of accepting appointment and annually by July 1 of each year.  Additionally, members must file a Final Statement of Financial Interests (Form 1F) within 60 days of terminating service on the Board.

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    Do you work within the Downtown CRA?

    Are you a City of DeLand resident?

    Do you own property in DeLand

    Have you ever served on a City Board?

    Are you currently serving on any advisory board for any other governmental agency?

    A resume or separate sheet with additional information may be included.

    If you have questions, please call the Office of City Clerk (386) 626-7132
    Clerk’s Office, City Hall, 120 S. Florida Ave., DeLand 32720.

    I understand the responsibilities associated with being a Board member, and I have adequate time to
    serve on the above Board(s).

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